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Welcome! I am Claire and I am a birth and postnatal doula based in Farnborough, Hampshire. I provide practical and emotional support to women during pregnancy, child birth and the immediate postnatal period.


After a lifelong obsession with pregnancy, birth and babies and two amazingly positive and empowering birth experiences of my own, I am now over the moon to be working with my favourite kind of people: Expectant and brand new mummies


Anyone that knows me, knows exactly how much I LOVE pregnant women. They amaze me! Strong enough to grow and nourish a perfect little human, whilst juggling the demands of work, home and a family. And after nine months of all that, they then have the energy, inner strength and total focus required to give birth and bring new life into the world. And that's just the beginning of their journey. What follows is a lifetime of nurturing, loving and worrying about the little person that they have created.


So, if you are pregnant and have worries, doubts or anxieties about what is in store, or if you have recently given birth and are a bit overwhelmed with the day to day practicalities of it all, then you may feel more confident about it all if you have an experienced mother, breast feeder and birth supporter there with you.


If this rings at all true, then read on to find out a little more about my role as a doula and how I can help you.

About Me


I live with my husband and two young children, Ava (2008) and Jake (2010).


After a lifelong fascination with pregnancy, birth and babies and two fantastic birth experiences of my own, I decided it was my calling to train as a doula. I passionately want to help other women to have amazing experiences of their own. Birthing our babies and the precious time that follows are memories that we will hold for a lifetime, and I have often felt saddened when talking to women that have had negative or traumatic birth experiences. It is my aim to help you to forge positive, empowering and amazing memories of your birth, regardless of the actual mechanics of it. I believe in every woman's ability to birth their baby beautifully, their way, and in their right to be nurtured, supported and congratulated through every second of it.


I have personal experience of natural, active childbirth, in water (amazing!) and on 'dry land', with no pain relief or intervention. I have also breast fed both of my children. I trained as a Doula with Nurturing Birth Doula Training Courses and I am a member of Doula UK.


I can support home births, water births, hospital births (including caesarean sections) or births within birth centres. Postnatally, I have experience of supporting twins as well as singletons. I cover Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and South West London - generally speaking - anywhere within an hours drive of my home.


My interests include playing netball, running (kind of), and baking. So don't be surprised if I turn up one day in my netball kit, or with a lemon drizzle in hand. Or, if you're really lucky, both!


My Role



Okay, first things first: Congratulations! You're pregnant!


No doubt, you are over the moon and very excited about meeting your little person. But you may also have mixed feelings or certain thoughts about how you want to give birth and what your birth will mean to you. Perhaps you have had a hard time with a previous birth, or perhaps you just want to ensure that your birth is as amazing as it can be. You undoubtedly want it to go well, regardless of how it all happens. This is where I can help.


Research has shown that having a doula present at a birth:


- Shortens first time labour by an average of 2 hours

- Decreases the chance of caesarian section by 50%

- Decreases the need for pain medication

- Decreases the need for forceps delivery

- Helps fathers participate with confidence

- Increases success in breast feeding


Findings from 'Mothering the Mother' - Klaus, Kennell & Klaus, 1993


I can help to prepare you antenatally by talking through any concerns, fears or desires that you may have about your birth and by helping you to put together some birth preferences (birth plans are notoriously difficult to follow!). I can give you a wide range of information on birth scenarios, physiology and what to expect; And though I will not advise you, tell you what to do or give you any medical advice, I will listen to your wishes and help you to make informed choices about where and how you want to give birth.


During labour, I will be a constant presence, supporting you in whatever way you may need. Be that keeping the birthing pool topped up or making tea for your partner, family or midwives. Reminding you of, and keeping you focussed on your birth preferences. Breathing, swaying or laughing with you as your labour progresses, or simply just being there to protect your environment and allow you and your partner to focus on the job in hand. Your partner is my concern too and I will help and support them in any way that they need me to. I will in no way replace them or interfere with their role as your supporter.


I am passionate about child birth and the empowerment that can be gained from a calm and positive experience, regardless of the way it happens. I believe every woman deserves to be nurtured, supported and treated with respect throughout their pregnancy and birth, which is the very reasons I have chosen to enter into this wonderful profession.



Okay, so you're home. You have your baby. Now what?!?


As a postnatal doula, I am very much there to 'mother the mother' and offer support in a way which is unique to you and your needs. I believe that if you are happy, your baby will be happy, so my role is basically to facilitate your happiness, in a practical and emotional capacity.


I can help with settling in at home, support you with breast feeding, help with older children, prepare you a light meal, look after your baby whilst you sleep or take a shower, put on some laundry, or just simply spend time with you talking about your birth, feeding, or any concerns and worries that you may have. I am there to support you in mothering your baby, so that you remain calm, happy and confident. I will not advise you, tell you what to do, or judge you in any choices you make regarding the care of your baby. But I will provide you with information to help you come to your own decisions.




Typically includes:


  • An initial meeting to get to know each other and talk bumps, birth, babies and expectations (free).

  • 2 antenatal visits, plus informal chats/coffees if needed!


  • Unlimited text, email or telephone support throughout your pregnancy.


  • A 24 hour 'on call' period from 2 weeks before your due date until whenever you give birth.


  • Continuous support through your labour and birth, until you are settled, bonding and feeding.


  • At least one postnatal visit, plus as much phone or email support as you need during the first couple of weeks.

My fee for the above is £750 + expenses



Typically includes:


  • 20 hours of postnatal care for you and your baby. The breakdown of these hours will be arranged between us to suit, but will be in slots of 4 hours max, between the hours of 9am and 5pm.


My fee for the above is £320

If you do not require as many hours, I can work flexibly, usually in 2-3 hour slots, charged at £17.50 / hour.

Packages & Fees




Cuddles with baby Joshua - the best reward after a LONG shift!

Claire is one of those people who, when you first meet her, you feel like you've been friends forever. We only had time for one prenatal session as Joshua arrived a bit early, but that was enough for us to feel prepared - Claire gave us lots of useful information, and wasn't pushy at all about any of the birthing options.

One of the most useful things of Claire's support was her arriving at our flat at 4am in the morning to help us know when was the right time to go to the hospital. It was great having someone at the hospital who we felt we trusted, and who could answer any questions we had and help us make decisions. Claire and our midwife made a great team.


Our birth experience went better than we could have hoped, and a lot of that was down to Claire. It was clear throughout the process, that childbirth and babies are something Claire has a real passion and flair for.

Sandra and Nick - parents to Joshua

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