Having had a difficult labour with my first child, I became extremely fearful about the prospect of my second labour. However, with the help of Claire’s input, my mindset totally reversed and I ended up having the most amazing and incredible second labour that I could have ever wished for. Claire helped me overcome my fears by taking the time to listen to my story and really trying to understand the why’s, what’s, and how’s of what I was feeling and essentially councelling me through my past experience and preparing me for my future experience. She provided me with books and chapters to read and visual images to look at which were specific to me in my preparation for the birth. She also assisted in communications between me and the midwives before and during the birth and together we all worked brilliantly as a team. She helped create an incredibly relaxed atmosphere in the birthing pool with dimmed lights, fake lit candles and classical music! I honestly believe that my second birthing experience would not have been so amazing if Claire hadn’t been involved – she really did make all the difference and I wished I had had her for my first birthing experience! She is such a lovely, warm, caring, respectful and supportive person. It is a no brainer that if we have a third child, we will definitely be booking Claire again. She made me enjoy my birth – now that is something I thought I would never say! THANK YOU so much Claire!

Amelia – mum to baby Arthur

Claire was an absolute star when she was our Doula at my daughter 's birth. Her amazing support, reassurance and helping hand made the labour and birth so much better and easier. I was keen to have a doula at our second child's birth as our first birth experience was very scary. The antenatal meetings Claire did with us in our own home were wonderfully reassuring and she was brilliant at answering all our worrying questions. It was reassuring to call Claire when things kicked off with the labour and to have her with me at home for most of the labour, on the journey to hospital and at our daughter's birth too in hospital. My husband was calmer too with her presence and better knowledge of labour and all it involves. Claire was always calm and most certainly helped me to be calmer and feel in control throughout my labour. Without a doubt this helped me to have a healthier, quicker labour without the use of any pain relief, nor any stitches as her encouragement for good positioning and lots of good breathing helped me labour correctly. She was 'our voice' too in hospital so we could have the water birth we wanted. Claire was fantastic at following my lead, really listening to what I wanted and needed to do. Before, during and after the birth she has been there if we've needed her for any advice and support. My huge thanks goes to her and without a doubt I would have her again at my side if we do have another baby in the future and I definitely recommend her to any mother to be.

Lucy - mum to baby Martha

We were looking for a doula to prepare and support myself and my husband through a VBAC delivery, but also someone to look after my other child around the birth .Someone who could replace the family support we do not have in the UK. Claire went beyond our expectations. During the pregnancy she was always receptive with very reassuring texts and chats up to week 42! She helped me and my husband to establish the birth plan and get mentally prepared for different birth scenarios. By providing us with a very informative pre-birth preparation Claire managed to empower us with new knowledge and confidence. At the birth itself, Claire attentively cared for me for 9hrs straight. She kept a positive, yet firm spirit throughout the labour. She was truly my anchor all the way through. She was strength, encouragement, courage, reassurance for both myself and my husband. Claire contributed so much towards our successful VBAC – I’m not sure I would have made it without her. I felt accompanied throughout the journey of labour and every time I feared going forward she gave me the strength to carry on, even during the lengthy pushing stage. If you were to ask what pain relief to use I'd tell you: Claire's firm hand, her words of encouragement, the focus and concentration she helps you to achieve through each contraction, the light at the end of the tunnel she makes you see - even when the midwife tells you are many cms away! After the birth she cared for my newborn wonderfully, also getting things done in the house and beautifully entertaining and playing with my older son. I would not hesitate to recommend Claire. She is knowledgable, professional and just so good and passionate at what she does.

Fabiola - mum to baby Lucas

If you anyone is considering a Doula, Claire is the best choice! We were planning a Home Birth for our first baby but we felt we needed extra support to not only be there for both my husband and I at home and minimise the chance of going to hospital but to also have a positive person to support and act as our advocate. From our firsr meeting with Claire we realised we had so much more than that. Claire was so friendly but more importantly she believed in the birth I wanted. She shared her invaluable advice with both my husband and I are answered any questions we had. 

Both my husband and I felt so supported that we were so relaxed about our pregnancy and upcoming labour. Claire was always there at the end of the phone and soothed any anxieties I had immediately.

I had a long early labour but Claire kept in touch with me the whole time, as soon as i felt I needed extra support Claire was at my house. From the second she walked in I felt that everything was going to be ok, my contractions were increasing but Claire was by my side talking me through them when i needed it or just rubbing my back. Claire helped support my husband to know when to fill the birth pool but was always there for me too... it was like there was two of her!! As my labour really kicked in she held my hand whilst my husband held the other, without fail she was there for every contraction, reminding me to drink and breathe!! Sadly, I had to go to hospital at the last minute in quite an emergency but Claire stayed calm and was a pillar of strength to me when I was so upset that I wasn't getting my Home Birth. Again, Claire stayed by my side throughout the whole experience but never did i feel that she intruded on this special time for my husband and I. 

I truly believe that Claire is the reason we had such a positive birth experience, both my husband and I look back at the birth with such happiness.

Joanna - mum to baby Thea

Claire has been an absolute saviour. She is always sunny and bubbly and lovely and caring and so willing to help in any way. She goes out of her way to make life much easier for us and nothing seems to put her out. She is proactive and seems to be able to turn her hand to anything (except maybe modelling balloon dogs!). My toddler loves her and so do I; who wouldn't. Looking forward to the days she is with us keeps me sane after long wakeful nights with our 10 week old. Thank you Claire.

Ella - mum to baby Beatrice

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